Tonk Darbar is a platform initiated by Nawabzadi Aalia Ali Khan, Her Royal Highness, Princess of Erstwhile Princely State of Tonk, Rajasthan (India).

Tonk Darbar will showcase exclusive range of collectible items for those who have extraordinary classic taste for unique articles and artifacts. On our website, you will find exclusive, admirable, incomparable, timeless rare pieces like gold dust. 

Aalia (Khan), as she's lovingly called in her group of friends and family, is socially and environmentally conscious and is an aware citizen of current world. She enjoys a humble, modest and low key life with her parents and siblings, lives and works in New Delhi, and Tonk, and loves traveling extensively.

She combines her passion for modern day issues like environment, human rights, health, etc., while carrying forward her legacy and adoration for collectible and antique items, traditional cuisines, jewellery, clothes, shoes, vintage cars, old buildings, heritage houses, art and culture, delightful fragrances, loves reading, interested in issues for health and nature.

'Perfume Oil’ story

Despite her love for good fragrances, the modern day’s best mainstream perfumes have failed to strike a chord with Aalia, because of their long-and-short-term harmful effects on nature and human health.

Till date she has not been able to subscribe to the aerosol* laden commercial perfumes, releasing as much chemical vapors, as from emission from vehicular
pollution! These vapors (also known as Volatile Organic Compounds/VOC) harm the proteins in our body, resulting in weak immune system—including breathing problems, migraines, hormonal imbalances, skin irritations, eczemas, contact leukoderma etc.

Hence, she dedicated herself to creating a line of her own non-harmful organic perfume oils, inspired by most luxurious scents and perfumes! She’s spent her time travelling far and wide wisely to learn how to make the safest, harmless, pure, and natural fragrances that she now herself is addicted to guilt-free! Yes, guilt-free** because these are harmless both to humans and nature, by being natural, organic, skin-friendly, non-alcoholic, non-synthetic, long-lasting base fragrances.

**Paraben-free, Sulfate-free, Alcohol-free, Gluten-free, Phthalate-free, Phosphate-free; Propylene-Free, Glycol-Free, Polycyclic Nitromusks-free; Microbead-free; Cruelty-free**

These oils are totally vegan, gender-neutral, longest-lasting, and made in India in recyclable packaging!

Wear these delicate scents, enhance and enchant your aura. Let there be curiosity among people, they won’t be able to resist you. 

Together, let's replace harmful spray scents with these natural perfume oils. Prepare yourself to get non-stop compliments for these magical ‘health-friendly’ products.

Drown yourself in soulful, guilt-free** addiction of pure base fragrance perfume oils in its exotic, on-the-go ‘dab-and-roll-on’ style.

Note: Aerosols* are tiny, microscopic dust particles/ solid or liquid droplets, bits of fine black carbon floating in atmosphere, imposing significant danger to
(i) our environment – contributors to air pollution, global warming/ glass house effects, depletion of ozone layer.
(ii) our health – hazards like premature deaths, contains highly toxic chemicals like xylene and formaldehyde, and neurotoxins and carcinogens that are extremely hazardous for alike, cause confusion, smeared speech, behavioural changes, aggression, mind-fog, nausea, breathing difficulties, leading to heart attack.
(iii) Aerosol canisters/ containers contribute to the World Garbage Waste!

Shop for a cause, and contribute

This initiative gives back to the society for charitable purposes. The sizeable portion of earnings from each purchase will be dedicated in ‘support’ of one of these causes:-

(i) feeding the hungry

(ii) environment (planting trees)

(iii) health awareness and promotion

(iv) educating underprivileged women through self-help-groups for financial literacy and independence,

(v) and much more.